Many applications and high capabilities of computational intelligence approaches have caused them to be used for theses and also for writing numerous scientific articles. The cost of conducting laboratory studies and their time-consuming nature is one of the most important motivations that attract researchers to computational intelligence techniques. Because with the help of such methods, it is possible to formulate structures without conducting such expensive studies, and by applying the vector of the initial test characteristics to them, the result can be determined with the desired accuracy. Among other applications that can be seen for computational intelligence methods in research work, their replacement with analytical methods is very time-consuming. For example, in structural engineering, performing nonlinear dynamic analysis such as IDA on three-dimensional structures is very time-consuming and requires a lot of information space. If by implementing a computational intelligence system, it is possible to create models that provide the researcher with the results of such analyzes with the desired accuracy. Providing mathematical formulas and relationships for models of research work is among other applications that can be considered for computational intelligence that can increase the efficiency of a scientific study.

The range of application of computational intelligence techniques in different sciences is very large and it is not possible to determine a specific list for it. With a general search, we find that for various scientific fields, from medicine to engineering fields, the performance of these methods has been investigated and desirable models for various subjects have been presented and developed. Also, due to the high flexibility of these methods, the optimal accuracy and the powerful performance they provide, their capability is evaluated with high priority in problems where non-linear and complex conditions prevail. Therefore, they have many uses in doing scientific articles and theses.

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