Research Boost Challenge

Elevate Your Published Work and Get Recognized in Your Field

Welcome to the “Research Boost Challenge” – a unique opportunity to enhance the visibility of your research and gain recognition in your field! If you have published a research article in the last two years in the field of computational intelligence, you are eligible to participate in this exciting competition. By using our “Research Visibility Enhancer” service between June 1st and September 30th, you will not only boost the visibility of your research, but also have a chance to win a prestigious prize. The competition is open to researchers worldwide and is free to enter, as there is no registration fee.  The review process involves ten expert reviewers evaluating your article based on scientific quality, originality, significance, and relevance to the field. You can even suggest a list of potential reviewers of your choice when submitting your article. The final score for your article will be the average of the scores provided by the ten reviewers, and the articles with the highest scores in each of the four fields will be selected as the winners.

Four prizes will be awarded for each of the four classifications: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Computational Neuroscience. The prizes for the “Research Boost Challenge” are the introduction of the winning articles to 20,000 related researchers around the world, giving your research unprecedented visibility and recognition. Winners will also receive an electronic certificate of achievement for their outstanding research. The winners will be announced in December and notified via email. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your research, gain recognition, and enhance your research visibility with our “Research Boost Challenge”! Submit your article for our “Research Visibility Enhancer” service and be part of this exciting competition.

Benefits of the Research Boost Challenge

Increased Recognition

Participating in the Research Boost Challenge gives you the chance to showcase your research to a global audience, with an opportunity to win a prestigious award and gain recognition among your peers

Enhanced Research Visibility

By utilizing our Research Visibility Enhancer service, your article will be introduced to thousands of relevant researchers around the world, increasing its visibility and potential impact

Networking Opportunities

Engage with fellow researchers, reviewers, and experts in your field through the Research Boost Challenge, fostering valuable connections and collaborations for future research endeavors

Conditions for Participation in the Research Boost Challenge:

  • Article must be in English and published within the last two years.
  • Article must be classified in one of the following fields: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, or Computational Neuroscience.
  • Participants must use the “Research Visibility Enhancer” service between June 1st and September 30th.
  • Participants must provide a list of potential reviewer names during registration for the Research Visibility Enhancer service.
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