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4 hours and 58 Video + MATLAB Codes

Transit Search (TS) Optimization Algorithm: Learn how to use a cutting-edge optimization technique that can solve complex problems in various scientific fields, including engineering, finance, and logistics. Transit Search Optimization Algorithm (TS) is a powerful tool for finding the best solutions to optimization problems, and this tutorial will guide you through its theory, implementation, and application. By mastering TS, you can improve your research and solve problems that were previously deemed unsolvable. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply TS to solve a range of unconstrained and constrained optimization problems, including 10 unconstrained problems and 10 constrained problems. These problems come from various fields. With this tutorial, you will also learn how to implement TS using the MATLAB software, and how to fine-tune your models for maximum accuracy. The skills you will gain in this tutorial are highly relevant to researchers and practitioners across many scientific fields.

Get these benefits when you purchase our tutorial series:

4 hours and 58 minutes video
Coding and implementation training
Full description of the TS algorithm
Explaining how to solve problems
The possibility of simple editing
Solving 10 unconstrained problems
Solving 10 constrained problems

Tutorial Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction to optimization

Chapter 2

Transit method in astrophysics

Chapter 3

Transit Search optimization algorithm

Chapter 4

Implementation of TS algorithm in MATLAB

Chapter 5

Coding and solving 10 unconstrained problems in MATLAB

Chapter 6

Coding and solving 10 constrained problems in MATLAB

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