1st International Conference on

Computational Intelligence


Engineering Applications

(CIEA 2024)

November 2-3, 2024


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Greetings from the Conference Chair

Dear Participants, Researchers, and Distinguished Guests,

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that I welcome you all to the 1st International Conference on Computational Intelligence with Engineering Applications (CIEA 2024), hosted by computationalintelligence.net. As the Conference Chair, I am delighted to invite each one of you to this remarkable event, which promises to be a celebration of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. CIEA 2024 will take place virtually over two days, bringing together brilliant minds from across the globe to explore the latest breakthroughs in computational intelligence and its diverse applications in engineering. Our goal is to provide a stimulating platform where researchers and practitioners can exchange ideas, share their expertise, and collectively pave the way for a smarter, more intelligent future. The conference agenda is brimming with exciting opportunities for learning and engagement. We have lined up distinguished keynote speakers who are at the forefront of computational intelligence research. Their insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and broaden our perspectives. In addition to the keynote presentations, we have meticulously curated technical sessions. These sessions will showcase cutting-edge research and practical implementations, covering an extensive array of topics within Computational Intelligence with Engineering Applications.

As part of the academic community, we understand the significance of nurturing new ideas and fostering collaboration. Therefore, I urge all researchers, academicians, professionals, and industry experts to participate actively by submitting their original research papers. Your contributions will not only enrich the conference but also contribute to the advancement of the entire field. Once again, I extend my warmest welcome to each and every one of you. Let us seize this exceptional opportunity to ignite innovation and make a lasting impact on the world of Computational Intelligence with Engineering Applications. See you at CIEA 2024!

Warm Regards,

Prof. Hosein Naderpour

Conference Chair, CIEA 2024

Please note that these dates are subject to change. We will announce any changes on our website and social media channels.

Article Submission

Deadline: August 15, 2024

Article Acceptance

Acceptance Notification: September 15, 2024

Camera-Ready Paper

Camera-Ready Paper Submission Deadline: October 1, 2024

Date of the Conference

November 2-3, 2024

Meet our exceptional keynote speakers and explore their fascinating subjects!
Zong Woo Geem

Full Professor

The remarkable advancements in the application of Harmony Search in Engineering

Efren Mezura-Montes

Full Professor

A world with constraints: Some experiences in Evolutionary Constrained Optimization

Session 1:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Engineering

  1. Sub-session: “AI-Driven Solutions for Civil Engineering”
  2. Sub-session: “Machine Learning Applications in Mechanical Engineering”
  3. Sub-session: “AI in Electrical and Electronic Engineering”
  4. Sub-session: “Intelligent Systems for Chemical Engineering”
  5. Sub-session: “AI and Machine Learning in Aerospace Engineering”

Session 2:

Neural Networks and Deep Learning for Engineering Applications

  1. Sub-session: “Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Image Processing”
  2. Sub-session: “Neural Networks for Robotics and Autonomous Systems”
  3. Sub-session: “Applications of Deep Learning in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering”
  4. Sub-session: “Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing in Engineering”
  5. Sub-session: “Neural Network Control Systems in Industrial Engineering”

Session 3:

Evolutionary Computing and Optimization Algorithms in Engineering

  1. Sub-session: “Optimization Algorithms for Structural Optimization in Civil Engineering”
  2. Sub-session: “Evolutionary Computing in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing”
  3. Sub-session: “Optimization Algorithms for Power System Optimization in Electrical Engineering”
  4. Sub-session: “Evolutionary Techniques in Chemical Process Engineering”
  5. Sub-session: “Multi-objective Optimization using Optimization Algorithms in Aerospace Engineering”

Session 4:

Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing for Engineering Problems

  1. Sub-session: “Fuzzy Logic Control Systems in Industrial Automation”
  2. Sub-session: “Fuzzy Control in Environmental Engineering Applications”
  3. Sub-session: “Soft Computing for Intelligent Transportation Systems”
  4. Sub-session: “Fuzzy Decision Support Systems in Industrial Engineering”
  5. Sub-session: “Fuzzy Modeling and Control in Mechatronics Engineering”

Session 5:

Computational Intelligence for Sustainable Engineering and Smart Cities

  1. Sub-session: “AI-Driven Approaches for Sustainable Energy Management”
  2. Sub-session: “Intelligent Systems for Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Integration”
  3. Sub-session: “AI and Data Analytics for Sustainable Water Resources Management”
  4. Sub-session: “Smart City Planning and Optimization using Computational Intelligence”
  5. Sub-session: “AI Applications for Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control”

Session 6:

Data Mining and Big Data Analytics for Engineering Applications

  1. Sub-session: “Big Data in Engineering Systems and Operations”
  2. Sub-session: “Data Mining for Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Processes”
  3. Sub-session: “Machine Learning for Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Engineering Systems”
  4. Sub-session: “Big Data Analytics for Health Monitoring in Structural Engineering”
  5. Sub-session: “Data-Driven Decision Making in Smart Manufacturing”
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