An Introduction to Our Tutorial Series

Techniques related to computational intelligence, due to their power, high capability, flexibility, accuracy, and unique capabilities, are continuously growing and expanding in all scientific fields. In fact, one cannot enter a scientific field and not encounter the footprint of these techniques. There are many books, articles, and numerous materials that, with a considerable amount of time and study, one can begin modeling related to computational intelligence techniques presented on this website. Continuing on this path and after understanding the subject, a practical perspective is formed, and the question arises of how to employ these methods to implement a research problem or even a thesis. The instructors of this collection, with their academic teaching experience, book authorship, scientific article reviewing, and publication in reputable international journals related to applied computational intelligence, have been responsible for content development and presentation of these educational collections. The main approach of the instructors of the educational collections on this knowledge base is to create practical understanding for modeling using the presented techniques and, along with this issue, teach the coding process from scratch in a very simple manner. Furthermore, it is explained that each article based on such techniques includes which sections and what aspects can be presented in each section of the article.

Tutorials List

ANFIS Models

Fuzzy Systems


Benefits of the Tutorials

By utilizing the presented tutorials on this website, you will achieve the following goals

Powerful Techniques

The powerful performance of methods based on computational intelligence has led to their significant growth in various scientific domains. Considering the undeniable role of such techniques in the most advanced scientific problems, the necessity of familiarity with their content has multiplied today.

Practical Learning

One of the main objectives of the presented collections is to provide a highly practical and systematic approach to learning. By engaging with these collections, you not only become familiar with the techniques but also learn how to practically implement and solve the content of a scientific problem in an applied manner, avoiding unnecessary complexities.

Time and Cost Efficiency

One of the most significant human assets is time, and the lack of attention to it is among the major shortcomings that affect most existing educational courses. This issue has been a concern for the instructors of this website, and efforts have been made to optimize the necessary time for each of the tutorials and plan accordingly.

Writing Scientific Articles

One of the main objectives in the academic community, especially in the realm of postgraduate education, is the ability to write scientific articles. In the educational collections of this website, in addition to providing introductory and basic examples, tutorials on article writing are directly presented. Therefore, after completing each course, you will have the capability to write a high-level scientific article.

Access to Executable Codes

All the code written during the tutorials is made available to the purchaser after buying each course, along with the requested instructional videos, for utilization in modeling. The code-writing approach is very simple and understandable for all researchers. Therefore, you will not encounter any difficulty in adjusting your problem to these codes.

Entering the World of AI

The role of artificial intelligence in human life is undeniable today. Even in the simplest daily digital activities, the footprint of an artificial intelligence algorithm and virtual assistants is easily apparent. Therefore, one cannot distance themselves from artificial intelligence and its position. The time has come to embrace and enter the inseparable world of this field in today's human life.

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