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Optimization Algorithm (TS) 2022


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Introducing our algorithm page, where you can find MATLAB codes extracted from a novel astrophysics-inspired meta-heuristic optimization algorithm. This algorithm is based on the well-known exoplanet exploration method called Transit Search (TS), and it was published in 2022, making significant strides in the field of optimization. The transit algorithm leverages the analysis of luminosity changes by studying the light received from stars at specific intervals. If a decrease in received light is observed, it indicates the presence of a planet passing in front of the star. Explore our collection of MATLAB codes, which serve as valuable resources for researchers, engineers, and industries seeking innovative optimization solutions. By utilizing this algorithm, you can tackle challenging problems with enhanced confidence and achieve outstanding results. Embark on a journey to unlock new frontiers in optimization by harnessing the power of this astrophysics-inspired meta-heuristic algorithm. Witness firsthand how this groundbreaking approach can revolutionize your problem-solving capabilities.

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  3. TS Code for Constrained Problems
  4. TS Code for Un-Constrained Problems
Mirrashid, Masoomeh, and Hosein Naderpour. “Transit search: An optimization algorithm based on exoplanet exploration.” Results in Control and Optimization 7 (2022): 100127.


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